Monday, May 31, 2010

How will you know if your partners have a third party?

Guys can do pretend and they can't easily be caught in the act but girls do have sharp instincts and likewise.
Here are some symptoms that your partner does have another partner:

S/he always sick – is the reason why your partner doesn't want to meet you the pain such as toothache, headache, back pain, stomachache, until your p
artner will say that s/he going to have an operation

Oh-oh! invalid reasons! that you can medicate with just a paracetamol or mefenamic acid tablet, but what can we do if your partner doesn't want to see you because s/he has an appointment with someone.

S/he always sleeps early that your partner not usually does. S/he will send you a text message with “gud nyt, [goodnight] mwah!” Then s/he is on the way to gimmick instead.

That is why there is a network that you two can subscribe that offers unlimited text and unlimited calls (you know what I me
an). It is better to call you partner every night to check if he or she is really in their house and not in the gimmick. However, if you trust your partner, well, you will just let him/her do want your partner wants. If s/he will inform you that s/he will go out for a gimmick; h/she will tell you that he was low battery; mobile's phone has no signal and the most thing that your partner will tell you that her or him cell phone was snatched. Hahayyy.... It is important that you know who's with your partner. You have to get the number of his or her friends so that if that he/she will tell you that s/he's low battery and has no signal, you can contact your partner's friends and see if he's /she's lying to you or not.

• Your partner will call you and ask whe
re you at, not because s/he's misses you it is because s/he is afraid that you may be accidentally meet in a place with someone.

If this will happen, your partner will tell you that he/she is in their home, you can check that with the help of your mother's or dad's partner. However, if they will tell you that your partner is not at home, well.... Don't be so martyr go to check where your partner at is and who's with him/her.

Your partners
always have a text mate and exchanging message with his/her mom... hmmm.... Is it really his/her mom?!
Cell phones and E-mail - This is personal stuff that you can't touch without the permission of the owner. Nevertheless in a relationship, the cell phone is open to each other, to prevent the doubts, you will tell your partner that “you can check my phone if you want” if this is what your partner will going to tell you, go to check his/her phone. Let see if your partner will be conscious. These are the five symptoms that your partner has another girlfriend or boyfriend. Remember that this is just symptoms so you be aware if that you think that your partner is giving you a cold shoulder.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why We Can't Move On?

Why do we keep on holding onto the things that should be free?
I don't know how to start this; it is because I hate this question. Not because I'm still attached to someone or things that I can't let go, it is just, someone is bothering me and the reason is that person is still trap in the past and can't move on. “OMG, part of the lyrics of
the song Way Back into Love”

Letting Go

I know I know... We all know that it's hard to let go for someone especially that you still love with that person. We know that they're part of our life and it will never erase except if you will have amnesia. Sometimes, we are doing this for good or we have reasons to leave that person. Whatever it is... This “moving on” thing is still part of letting go. It is obvious that if you let that go of that person, you'll have to move on right? However how about that you will tell to that person that you'll get over him or her or you had moved on but the truth is not?! Well, pretending to be okay that nothing happened is sometimes good because your showing to that person that you can do it, but deep inside... It's really painful in your part.


Memorable memories with your special someone is one of the treasure stuff that you can keep forever. Reminiscing the past is not bad since you don't always uttered the name of that person to your present partner and telling stories more about your past. That's awkward and unfair for the part of your current partner. It is because aside from telling him or her stories before, she's or he also thinks that she or he is being co
mpared. That's awful!

Communication After Break-Up
This is the part I hate most. I will ask you this query: do you still have communication with your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend? Well, for me, it's okay to have communication with someone from your past. However always sending message via e-mail and catch him or her to be online on chat or even call that person means it’s either you're still in love with that person and you're still not moving on with your life or you want to know how's your ex doing in his or her life right now with no malice. Mostly, girls can't easily move on from their past especially that person did many things that she couldn't forget. There might be stuff that still kept in the box that reminds of that person. Well, I
have this friend of mine, someone from the past of her boyfriend sending him text messages, e-mail messages, or even calling him. Her boyfriend told her that evens he will just ignore her messages or calls that girl will still find a way just to keep their communication. That girl can't resist. She can't let go of that guy even though she already have someone with her right now. I don't understand why she can't let go of that person. Well, each one of us has reasons to keep that person in our life.

Do you believe in this quote? “If the two past lovers remain friends, it's either they are still in love... Or they never were.”


Mostly we intend to keep that stuff that are not worth keeping for, that is why we are bitter and we can't let go also we can't m
ove on. Now days, most of the souvenir that we have someone are photos with you together. Those were the days that you're happy together. You will just keep it in a photo album or burn it. However you know what? Its better that you will keep it than to burn it or throw it because, if you will grow old, you can still remember the person that you loved once.

Listen to Music

If you are heart broken, you have a song dedicated to yourself that keeps playing in your head. That song that has meaning about “getting over” or “moving on” is good to play every time you remember that person. Coz every time you will play it, you will keep in your mind that you really had moved on. Songs of getting over are mostly played in the radios' like “Tattoo” by Jordin Sparks, “Over You” by Daughtry, “Seven Days of Lonely” by iNine, “Over It” by Katherine McPhee and etc.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When The Love Bug Bites

"The sun is so bright and shiny, I feel the breeze of the wind, the colors of flowers are beautiful as beautiful as her face!....." All right, stop it! There you go! When you heard someone saying this he or she is definitely in love. However how would you know that you are in love? Is it important to know if you're in love?

Signs that you are in love:

• There are butterflies and good background music.
• You are smiling without reasons. [Makes people think you are crazy]

• Day dreaming. You always think of something between you and that person, like
having a romantic date and etc.
• You keep on searching anything about that person.
• You always talk about him
to your friends.
• You want to ask "How she or he doing?" or "How was your day?"
• When you are together, you don't want to end the night and pray that the time will stop if you're together.
• Having a pimple. This is one of the common symptoms that you can say that person is in love.
• Inspired in everything you do.
• You love to listen into love songs that makes your heart melt.

• You are planning how to get his or her attention.

• You are happy.
• You think about him all day.
• You accept his or her imperfections.
• You are excited to talk with that person everyday. Like there's no tomorrow.
• You want to see him or her every day.

• You are jealous every time you see his or her with someone else.
• You realized that you are unconsciously waiting for her or his text messages or call, to get online in Yahoo messenger or in facebook and etc.

These are the signs that you are in love. Sometimes we can't say no to love when the love bug bites.

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