Friday, June 25, 2010

Would you date your best friend's ex?

Oh no! If I will be asked by this question. I will definitely answer "NO!" However, most of the answer in my question is "it depends on the situation!"

There are two girls and they are best friends. Jenny is very popular in their campus and has many suitors while her best friends Carol is simple and just an ordinary girl. Jenny gets new boyfriends just like changing her clothes in a snap. Until such time, when Carol found out that her crush Mike courted her best friend Jenny. Carol advised Jenny not to hurt Mike's feelings. Then like what Jenny did to her past boyfriends, after a week, she broke up with Mike without any reasons. She just want it. Carol feel sorry about Mike, she confronted her best friend Jenny about it. "You don't have a right to hurt someone's feelings!" she said angrily. Jenny was shocked with how she reacted with her broke up with Mike "Why Carol? You have feelings for him? Then go! He's yours now. You don't have a right to dictate what I want to do!" then she walked out.

That was the last time they speak to each other. Mike is depressed and he needs someone to talk to. He went to Carol to talk about anything just to forget what Jenny did to him. When they became friends and Jenny found out, she confronted her ex best friend Carol "You know what Carol? He is just using you just to make me jealous. I still love him, can you please stay away from him because I want him back." Carol cried when she was told that "she was just using to make her jealous." She stay away from Mike and he She stay away from Mike, and he have no idea what's going on. When Mike confronted him "What's the problem?"
"Jenny told me that you are using me to make her jealous. I thought you want to friends with me, but I'm wrong!" Carol cried.
"No! that's not true! She's lying because she envy you. In fact, I'm falling for you. Please do not stay away from me... please?" Mike said. When she found out that Jenny was making up stories about him and they are now girlfriend and boyfriend.
[names were changed]

If your in Carol's situation. Would you date your best friend's ex? For me, "yes" because they just been in a one week relationship and I would also like Jenny to realized that she has to cherish everything that she have. We can be friends again [Jenny] but it takes time to come back our friendship.

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