Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I knew the relationship was over when he/she________

Can you complete the sentence? Yeah I know, experiencing heart breaks really sucks. Believe me, it's like you are abandoned and you can't walk away from that person so easy.

"I knew the relationship was over when he said I need space." This is pretty easy to figure out whether you are a man. Girls do not get this one, and always confuses kids who do not. So first, a crash course in understanding guys.

"I knew the relationship was over when she said you deserved someone else." What's up with this? If someone will say this to you, I'm sure he/she did something that will make you freak out if you will found out.

"I knew the relationship was over when he will not say I love you to me." Well, that's sad. Saying I love you to our bf/gf is important. You have to tell to that person how you feel about her/him just make sure you really mean it.

"I knew the relationship was over when she said It's not you, it's me." Here we go! When you will hear this break up line, she/he means "cool-off" which is the pre-break up situation that you have to do. And if things get better or you realized you love the person then you will go back together, but if not, the "cool-off" situation you has will continue to the next level which is "break up."

"I knew the relationship was over when he will starts the break-up." Oh! That hurts! We used to be courted us girls, by boys and then it's not good to experience the guy will ask you for a break up. This is not normal. However nowadays, everything can be turn into possible. I mean, girls can court a guy, girls can do the first move and now the guys will starts the break up. Even though, guys should always respect the girl. If guys really want to do this break up thing, he should say it in a proper way. However I'm sure girls will not understand you. Unless, the both of you will agree of breaking up and go on your separate ways.

Well, that sucks! You started with happy moments and will ended in a sad moment.

I know, there are many break up lines out there. However believe me, those are already old school lines. If you will do the break-up make sure you have the right reasons, so that she/he will understand.


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