Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When The Love Bug Bites

"The sun is so bright and shiny, I feel the breeze of the wind, the colors of flowers are beautiful as beautiful as her face!....." All right, stop it! There you go! When you heard someone saying this he or she is definitely in love. However how would you know that you are in love? Is it important to know if you're in love?

Signs that you are in love:

• There are butterflies and good background music.
• You are smiling without reasons. [Makes people think you are crazy]

• Day dreaming. You always think of something between you and that person, like
having a romantic date and etc.
• You keep on searching anything about that person.
• You always talk about him
to your friends.
• You want to ask "How she or he doing?" or "How was your day?"
• When you are together, you don't want to end the night and pray that the time will stop if you're together.
• Having a pimple. This is one of the common symptoms that you can say that person is in love.
• Inspired in everything you do.
• You love to listen into love songs that makes your heart melt.

• You are planning how to get his or her attention.

• You are happy.
• You think about him all day.
• You accept his or her imperfections.
• You are excited to talk with that person everyday. Like there's no tomorrow.
• You want to see him or her every day.

• You are jealous every time you see his or her with someone else.
• You realized that you are unconsciously waiting for her or his text messages or call, to get online in Yahoo messenger or in facebook and etc.

These are the signs that you are in love. Sometimes we can't say no to love when the love bug bites.

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