Monday, May 31, 2010

How will you know if your partners have a third party?

Guys can do pretend and they can't easily be caught in the act but girls do have sharp instincts and likewise.
Here are some symptoms that your partner does have another partner:

S/he always sick – is the reason why your partner doesn't want to meet you the pain such as toothache, headache, back pain, stomachache, until your p
artner will say that s/he going to have an operation

Oh-oh! invalid reasons! that you can medicate with just a paracetamol or mefenamic acid tablet, but what can we do if your partner doesn't want to see you because s/he has an appointment with someone.

S/he always sleeps early that your partner not usually does. S/he will send you a text message with “gud nyt, [goodnight] mwah!” Then s/he is on the way to gimmick instead.

That is why there is a network that you two can subscribe that offers unlimited text and unlimited calls (you know what I me
an). It is better to call you partner every night to check if he or she is really in their house and not in the gimmick. However, if you trust your partner, well, you will just let him/her do want your partner wants. If s/he will inform you that s/he will go out for a gimmick; h/she will tell you that he was low battery; mobile's phone has no signal and the most thing that your partner will tell you that her or him cell phone was snatched. Hahayyy.... It is important that you know who's with your partner. You have to get the number of his or her friends so that if that he/she will tell you that s/he's low battery and has no signal, you can contact your partner's friends and see if he's /she's lying to you or not.

• Your partner will call you and ask whe
re you at, not because s/he's misses you it is because s/he is afraid that you may be accidentally meet in a place with someone.

If this will happen, your partner will tell you that he/she is in their home, you can check that with the help of your mother's or dad's partner. However, if they will tell you that your partner is not at home, well.... Don't be so martyr go to check where your partner at is and who's with him/her.

Your partners
always have a text mate and exchanging message with his/her mom... hmmm.... Is it really his/her mom?!
Cell phones and E-mail - This is personal stuff that you can't touch without the permission of the owner. Nevertheless in a relationship, the cell phone is open to each other, to prevent the doubts, you will tell your partner that “you can check my phone if you want” if this is what your partner will going to tell you, go to check his/her phone. Let see if your partner will be conscious. These are the five symptoms that your partner has another girlfriend or boyfriend. Remember that this is just symptoms so you be aware if that you think that your partner is giving you a cold shoulder.

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Amelia said...

Hmmm... I think women is very much in their emotional instinct, when they smell something fishy going on with their partners. Even if their guy is good in hiding something or good in acting as if they're not doing something wrong...:)

Ellen said...

Nice post! :) Up for this one!

I agree with what @Amelia said. :)

have a good day!

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