Monday, June 28, 2010

Saying "I'm Sorry"

"Sorry" seems to be the hardest word. Why is that so? When you are in a relationship, saying "I'm sorry" is significant. It's like a super glue of life that can repair just about anything by saying those two words.

Saying "I'm sorry" sincerely or sincere apology is not a sign of weakness. On the contrary, the recognition that you are at fault will strengthen her marriage and your spouse's admiration for you. Do not let pride and stubbornness stand in the way of sincere apology when you are wrong. We all need absolution sometimes. When times come, the strength of your marriage will rest in their willingness to make things right with her six little words: "I was wrong. Please forgive me."

Remember that admitting a mistake and apologizing for it is the quickest way to cool a hot situation.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Would you date your best friend's ex?

Oh no! If I will be asked by this question. I will definitely answer "NO!" However, most of the answer in my question is "it depends on the situation!"

There are two girls and they are best friends. Jenny is very popular in their campus and has many suitors while her best friends Carol is simple and just an ordinary girl. Jenny gets new boyfriends just like changing her clothes in a snap. Until such time, when Carol found out that her crush Mike courted her best friend Jenny. Carol advised Jenny not to hurt Mike's feelings. Then like what Jenny did to her past boyfriends, after a week, she broke up with Mike without any reasons. She just want it. Carol feel sorry about Mike, she confronted her best friend Jenny about it. "You don't have a right to hurt someone's feelings!" she said angrily. Jenny was shocked with how she reacted with her broke up with Mike "Why Carol? You have feelings for him? Then go! He's yours now. You don't have a right to dictate what I want to do!" then she walked out.

That was the last time they speak to each other. Mike is depressed and he needs someone to talk to. He went to Carol to talk about anything just to forget what Jenny did to him. When they became friends and Jenny found out, she confronted her ex best friend Carol "You know what Carol? He is just using you just to make me jealous. I still love him, can you please stay away from him because I want him back." Carol cried when she was told that "she was just using to make her jealous." She stay away from Mike and he She stay away from Mike, and he have no idea what's going on. When Mike confronted him "What's the problem?"
"Jenny told me that you are using me to make her jealous. I thought you want to friends with me, but I'm wrong!" Carol cried.
"No! that's not true! She's lying because she envy you. In fact, I'm falling for you. Please do not stay away from me... please?" Mike said. When she found out that Jenny was making up stories about him and they are now girlfriend and boyfriend.
[names were changed]

If your in Carol's situation. Would you date your best friend's ex? For me, "yes" because they just been in a one week relationship and I would also like Jenny to realized that she has to cherish everything that she have. We can be friends again [Jenny] but it takes time to come back our friendship.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I knew the relationship was over when he/she________

Can you complete the sentence? Yeah I know, experiencing heart breaks really sucks. Believe me, it's like you are abandoned and you can't walk away from that person so easy.

"I knew the relationship was over when he said I need space." This is pretty easy to figure out whether you are a man. Girls do not get this one, and always confuses kids who do not. So first, a crash course in understanding guys.

"I knew the relationship was over when she said you deserved someone else." What's up with this? If someone will say this to you, I'm sure he/she did something that will make you freak out if you will found out.

"I knew the relationship was over when he will not say I love you to me." Well, that's sad. Saying I love you to our bf/gf is important. You have to tell to that person how you feel about her/him just make sure you really mean it.

"I knew the relationship was over when she said It's not you, it's me." Here we go! When you will hear this break up line, she/he means "cool-off" which is the pre-break up situation that you have to do. And if things get better or you realized you love the person then you will go back together, but if not, the "cool-off" situation you has will continue to the next level which is "break up."

"I knew the relationship was over when he will starts the break-up." Oh! That hurts! We used to be courted us girls, by boys and then it's not good to experience the guy will ask you for a break up. This is not normal. However nowadays, everything can be turn into possible. I mean, girls can court a guy, girls can do the first move and now the guys will starts the break up. Even though, guys should always respect the girl. If guys really want to do this break up thing, he should say it in a proper way. However I'm sure girls will not understand you. Unless, the both of you will agree of breaking up and go on your separate ways.

Well, that sucks! You started with happy moments and will ended in a sad moment.

I know, there are many break up lines out there. However believe me, those are already old school lines. If you will do the break-up make sure you have the right reasons, so that she/he will understand.


Monday, June 21, 2010

What Will You Do, if the Guy or a Girl is interested with you?

How do you handle a situation if you know that someone is interested with you? What is your first move?

If it someone is looking at you and always smiling with you, we can't assumed that the person is interested with us. We don't want us to call as “conceited”. Maybe that person is just wants to be friendly with you and just love to smile to everyone. But you just know that the person is interested with you. OMG!

Your First Reaction will be...

You're in canteen and someone is smiling from you two tables away and looking at you like you did something bad to him or her. This makes you “irritate”. Then you will walk out of the canteen and ignore him or her. This will makes you think that person is a retard because she or he is still keeps on smiling at you with no reasons. Okay, maybe there is a reason and this reason is “you complete his or her day because he or she saw you”?! Ugh! A bit corny but funny.

Smile Back

The next day, your saw your admirer again, then smiled at you. At this point, you will also smile back to your admirer and see what will be his or her reaction to that. Let's all admit that we also like it when someone is interested with us because it will bring rainbow color to our love life. Maybe the next day he or she will say “hello” to you. You know that person likes you, so you have to be nice.

Get to Know

I will, approach the girl and I will ask her name and maybe we could be friends!” Jericho, 18

Getting the name of that person is the first move you'll have to do and maybe that person just wants to be friends with you that is why she or he always smiling at you. Like i said earlier that don't be conceited when it comes to the stuff like this maybe in the end you are wrong in what you are thinking.

Being friends with him or her is the way that you will know if you are compatible with each other.” Clariza, 19

If you have similarities when it comes to likes and dislikes this will get you along well with each other and you might get started to like that person too and have chance to bring your relationship to the next level. In reverse, if you're not compatible may be you are just ended up with being friends.

Don't want to hurt the feelings...

I will not reject him if he wants to be friends with me because it will hurt his feelings and if I'm in his place, I will also get hurt If he will say “no””. Catherine, 18

They said that love started with being friends. Like what in the Prom Night, if someone is inviting you to have a dance with him, it is a pleasure always to accept the invite.

In different ways

I will ask for her mobile number and be textmates with her and have fun!” Aki, 17

Excuse me boss, you got one new message” your cellular phone ring tone beeps. Which you will prefer, being friends with her in personal or you are contented to be her textmate? Of course, I know you will choose both. If you like someone, you are not contented to be with her or him during the break also every night you never forget to send sweet quotes or message before you go to sleep or have a exchanging text message or go online to have a chat.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do You sit across from or next to your bf / gf in a restaurant booth?

If you go out with your partner and eat out, I usually sit across of my partner so that there will be a balance in table. However it depends on the situation. Sometimes, If we go out on a group date, I sit next to my partner. What's yours?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Heart-Break Songs You Listen To?

If you are in pain right now, because you just broke up with your partner. It takes, time to move on and let go. If we are in this stage of our lives which is being a heart broken. We play songs that can we say how we feels.

If I had a theme song.. It would be...

• Over You by Chris Daughtry

My favorite lyrics in this song is the first stanza "Now that it's all said and done, I can't believe that you're the one who build me up and tear me down..Like an old abandoned house" and "I guess it's really over, I finally getting better..." wow, how does sounds to you? You really think that you are 100% better and forgot the worst nightmare that you had. The lyrics are great!

• Over It by Katherine McPhee

The lyrics of this song describing each part of the body of that person that you already "got over." "Your eyes, (I'm over it), your smile (I'm Over It), I realized (I'm over it, I'm over it....)

• Better in Time by Leona Lewis

Like what I said, moving on takes time and we all hopes for the time to come to feel better. You can relate to this song. • From the Bottom of my Broken Heart by Britney Spears Yep, It's Britney Spears song. This is a dramatic song that suits for young adults who experienced heart breaks at the very young age.

• Seven Days of Lonely by inine

One of my favorite songs. When we broke up with our partner, we still call them and ask them if he/she is okay or how's he or she doing. It's because you used to be with him everyday, this song suit you. The lyrics "I pretending okay, but it aches inside.." we all do pretend that we are okay with us but the truth no. We asked God for help to make us strong. "God I wish you could hold me, to the seven days of lonely..."

• You Made Me Stronger by Regine Velasquez

Really good song because for those who accept the break up and have a sweet revenge to their partner. Instead of showing the weakness side, you will show your stronger side that makes your partner realized what he or she had lost.

• Someday by Nina

The Soul Siren Nina, I love her songs and she has good lyrics that make my heart beat so fast. "Someday, someone's gonna love me, the way I wanted you to be me.." "Someday, I forget about you, you'll see I won't even miss you" Ugh! Wondering when will be that "Someday.."We'll see.

Songs today were great! The lyrics, the tone, and it is easy to remember that's the important part of composing a song that makes us sing wherever, or whatever we feel sad or hear broken.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Describe the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend

Justify FullWhat a beautiful day to start with! The clouds are there, the sun shine brightly, you feel the breeze of the wind and you hope to meet your next girlfriend or boyfriend. We all want to have a perfect partner to be with. However, does Perfect partner really exist?! Well, in our dreams yes but in reality, NO! If you're familiar with Manga [Japanese comics] Absolute Boyfriend, I'm surely you will love it. Since its free to dream and to think of what we want to think of, how would you describe a perfect girlfriend or boyfriend? A Perfect Partners Should Be

♥ Caring. That will be there beside you taking care of you when you are sick.

♥ Thoughtful. At least send you a message twice a day to say "Hi" and "How are you" before the day ends.

♥ Sensitive. Cares abo
ut your feelings about something or everything your partner will do.

♥ Supportive. Giving moral supports in everything your partner do or what career she or he has.

♥ Sweet. Being sweet to the point that your heart will melts.

♥ Proud of You. When he or she is looking from a far with his/her friends your partner will tell his/her friends that "she's/he's the one I love..." so cheesy...

♥ Holding Hands While Walking. It's either the boy or girl will first hold the hand of their partner. It's sweet that you will walk around in Malls holding hands.

♥ Will ask you what do you want to eat.

♥ Say I love you, if your partner will say I hate you.

♥ Kiss your partner good night.♥♥

♥ Makes you smile when you're sad.

♥ Comforts and hug your when you are down.

And there are many characteristics and personality that we describe a Perfect partner. Post yours. ☺

Thursday, June 3, 2010

To Master It

Some of my friends told me that I'm “strong” because I'm numb to any pain. Actually, it's my special technique, what they don't know that I had to break my heart a million times just to master it.
In a class of NCM, the professor asked
“what is pain?” One of the student's answered “first love”. There are different types of pain that a person's feel. It could be a back ache, headache, toothache or etc. but all those pains can be treating by a doctor or dentist or even a mefenamic acid or paracetamol. How about the heartache? I mean, pain that’s aching inside because we are broken hearted.

What triggers the pain
? -Memories

We do sometimes remem
ber the things that the person did to us. It could be in good or it could be in bad. Like you remember the way he or she cheers you up or the last time that you saw her or him with someone else. Ouch! That hurts! However whatever it is... we still have to live in our lives. They are part of our life and thanks to them that you made yourself stronger.

What can heal pain? -Time

It may take several months or half of the year or a year to heal our heart from being broken and bring it back into a whole. You have t
o be focus on what's coming ahead or in the future if you will not move on then what will happen to you? Or you'll move on with your life, there will be a great and excitement in each day you wake up. Thought's like what will happen today?

What lengthens pain? - Martyrdom

Let's all admit that we are martyrs or we were once. It is because we really in love with that person and we can't leave them even though that we're fully loaded in pain. Sigh! I guess that was really loved, it makes you blind.

What is the initi
al sign of pain? -Tears

There is nothing wrong about crying, instead it is good to let go the pain that what you feel inside. However you know what, sometimes we are crying because of self-pity not because we're crying for her or him.

What is the defense mechanism of pain? -Denial

Oopss... Don't deny it that you've been hurt when she or he was broke up with you.

What is the primary stressor of pain? Theme Song

I have this friend; we were having our gimmick when the song that reminds of her ex boyfriend played. She can't help crying because she told us that song is what her ex used to sing for her. Obviously that she haven't move on.

How can you remove pain? Let go

Here we go again; this is just the only way to not feel the pain. If you're thinking that you can't live a day without him, well, you should change your point of view. Don't let your life ruin by just one person, think of a sweet revenge. Prove that you are worth keeping so that she or he will regret.

How can you forget the pain? Move on

After you've let go, this is the time to move on with your life. At first, you don't want to see the face of that person again but as time goes by, your path cross unexpectedly, you can face him with a happy face and a smile. I’m sure he’ll/she’ll be happy.

What is the history of the pain? Break up

This means that you're not for each other. Even though that you really in love with each other but mostly you're having a misunderstanding. It's really hurt that you have to let going of that person. If ever you have a friend that's just broke up with a partner, don't tell him or her that “I know what you feel” coz the truth is that we really don’t know.

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