Friday, November 26, 2010

Deal with Your Emotional Baggage

All human beings are painful experiences that have an impact on them at some level. Can affect how decisions and relate to others, including our partners. If you experience feelings of failure, guilt, shame or anger as a result of past experiences, don't ignore them.  Is likely to intensify and will definitely affect your marriage.

It will take some courage, but if you want to be a more secure, loving person and spouse, it's vital that you work to heal broken places in your heart.  Take a look at yourself honestly.  Be willing to talk to God, his close friends, your partner, or even a professional counselor. The healthier, you are emotionally, the healthier that your marriage will be.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Since my bloggers friends changed or upgrade the new look of their blog. I decided to change mine too. =) Since I am blogging about relationship (that is not applicable to myself JK!), I choose the template, with hearts and I still keeping the background from that is full of hearts. Love is in the air, Holiday season is coming. Will post entry about that love Christmas.

Thank you for following me guys, hope there's more bloggers out there to follow so I could follow you back and be friends! =)

Alright, I have to go... Hope you like my new theme (that its still color pink!) and Have a lovely day! ♥ 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


There are painful things when it comes to falling in love. Specially when you and your partner "just break up" status of relationship. Sometimes, if we already moved on from someone to the past and we think of those memories, it makes us feel the pain.

Here are some painful things:

• Trying to hide what you really feel.

This might be the hardest thing to do in your part but to make people happy for your moving on you have to show that you are okay but deep inside you are not.

• Reminiscing the good times.
That's the only thing that you can do. Good memories with your past lover may make you smile.

• Bringing back the feeling you've learned to forget.

When we think of it, "I got over him/her" and promised yourself to forget everything including the feelings for that person. So when you will try to bring back the feeling you have to reminisce the good times.

• Having a commitment with someone you know that would not last.
This is what you called gamble. When you will love someone you have to take a risk. Because you will never know what will happens next.

• Taking risk to fall in love "again"

Like what I've mentioned above, loving someone is a gamble. You know everything would not last except both of you decided to tie a knot.

• Right love at the wrong time.

Simple explanation with this is that two persons love each other but the problem is he have her and she have him. OUCH!

• Loving someone who loves another.
All I can say is: It's time to face the truth, he/she will never be with you. Don't let one-sided love invades you.

• Accepting that it was never meant to me.

Aawww... I hate this feeling. This is connected to what I've mention above.

• What Ifs.
All you can do is to have "day dreaming" about that person. Hoping for nothing? (someone like that) FML!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WHEN.... ♥

► When a boy calls you hot, they look at your body.

► When a boy calls you pretty, they look at your face.

► When a boy calls you gorgeous, they looks at your clothes.

► However when they call you beautiful; They see everything. ♥♥♥

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Signs That You're FALLING IN-LOVE♥♥

When you are falling in love:
♥ You'll start listening to SLOW SONGS.

You'll read his/her text messages or instant messages over and over again.

While looking at him/her you can't see the other people around you. You can only see that person.

You'll feel SHY whenever you're with him/her...

You'll get high just by his/her smell.

You can't stay mad at him/her for more than a minute or two. You actually have to try hard to stay mad.

You'll do anything for him/her.

You'll walk really, really slow...While you're with him/her.

By listening to his/her voice you'll smile for no reason.

While thinking about him/her your heart will beat faster and faster.

He/She becomes all you think about, and

You'll realize that you're always smiling to yourself when you think of him/her.

While reading this, there was ONE PERSON on your mind the whole time.

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