Monday, June 21, 2010

What Will You Do, if the Guy or a Girl is interested with you?

How do you handle a situation if you know that someone is interested with you? What is your first move?

If it someone is looking at you and always smiling with you, we can't assumed that the person is interested with us. We don't want us to call as “conceited”. Maybe that person is just wants to be friendly with you and just love to smile to everyone. But you just know that the person is interested with you. OMG!

Your First Reaction will be...

You're in canteen and someone is smiling from you two tables away and looking at you like you did something bad to him or her. This makes you “irritate”. Then you will walk out of the canteen and ignore him or her. This will makes you think that person is a retard because she or he is still keeps on smiling at you with no reasons. Okay, maybe there is a reason and this reason is “you complete his or her day because he or she saw you”?! Ugh! A bit corny but funny.

Smile Back

The next day, your saw your admirer again, then smiled at you. At this point, you will also smile back to your admirer and see what will be his or her reaction to that. Let's all admit that we also like it when someone is interested with us because it will bring rainbow color to our love life. Maybe the next day he or she will say “hello” to you. You know that person likes you, so you have to be nice.

Get to Know

I will, approach the girl and I will ask her name and maybe we could be friends!” Jericho, 18

Getting the name of that person is the first move you'll have to do and maybe that person just wants to be friends with you that is why she or he always smiling at you. Like i said earlier that don't be conceited when it comes to the stuff like this maybe in the end you are wrong in what you are thinking.

Being friends with him or her is the way that you will know if you are compatible with each other.” Clariza, 19

If you have similarities when it comes to likes and dislikes this will get you along well with each other and you might get started to like that person too and have chance to bring your relationship to the next level. In reverse, if you're not compatible may be you are just ended up with being friends.

Don't want to hurt the feelings...

I will not reject him if he wants to be friends with me because it will hurt his feelings and if I'm in his place, I will also get hurt If he will say “no””. Catherine, 18

They said that love started with being friends. Like what in the Prom Night, if someone is inviting you to have a dance with him, it is a pleasure always to accept the invite.

In different ways

I will ask for her mobile number and be textmates with her and have fun!” Aki, 17

Excuse me boss, you got one new message” your cellular phone ring tone beeps. Which you will prefer, being friends with her in personal or you are contented to be her textmate? Of course, I know you will choose both. If you like someone, you are not contented to be with her or him during the break also every night you never forget to send sweet quotes or message before you go to sleep or have a exchanging text message or go online to have a chat.

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