Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What Heart-Break Songs You Listen To?

If you are in pain right now, because you just broke up with your partner. It takes, time to move on and let go. If we are in this stage of our lives which is being a heart broken. We play songs that can we say how we feels.

If I had a theme song.. It would be...

• Over You by Chris Daughtry

My favorite lyrics in this song is the first stanza "Now that it's all said and done, I can't believe that you're the one who build me up and tear me down..Like an old abandoned house" and "I guess it's really over, I finally getting better..." wow, how does sounds to you? You really think that you are 100% better and forgot the worst nightmare that you had. The lyrics are great!

• Over It by Katherine McPhee

The lyrics of this song describing each part of the body of that person that you already "got over." "Your eyes, (I'm over it), your smile (I'm Over It), I realized (I'm over it, I'm over it....)

• Better in Time by Leona Lewis

Like what I said, moving on takes time and we all hopes for the time to come to feel better. You can relate to this song. • From the Bottom of my Broken Heart by Britney Spears Yep, It's Britney Spears song. This is a dramatic song that suits for young adults who experienced heart breaks at the very young age.

• Seven Days of Lonely by inine

One of my favorite songs. When we broke up with our partner, we still call them and ask them if he/she is okay or how's he or she doing. It's because you used to be with him everyday, this song suit you. The lyrics "I pretending okay, but it aches inside.." we all do pretend that we are okay with us but the truth no. We asked God for help to make us strong. "God I wish you could hold me, to the seven days of lonely..."

• You Made Me Stronger by Regine Velasquez

Really good song because for those who accept the break up and have a sweet revenge to their partner. Instead of showing the weakness side, you will show your stronger side that makes your partner realized what he or she had lost.

• Someday by Nina

The Soul Siren Nina, I love her songs and she has good lyrics that make my heart beat so fast. "Someday, someone's gonna love me, the way I wanted you to be me.." "Someday, I forget about you, you'll see I won't even miss you" Ugh! Wondering when will be that "Someday.."We'll see.

Songs today were great! The lyrics, the tone, and it is easy to remember that's the important part of composing a song that makes us sing wherever, or whatever we feel sad or hear broken.

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mich said...

Ever heard Breakeven by The Script?

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