Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Describe the perfect girlfriend or boyfriend

Justify FullWhat a beautiful day to start with! The clouds are there, the sun shine brightly, you feel the breeze of the wind and you hope to meet your next girlfriend or boyfriend. We all want to have a perfect partner to be with. However, does Perfect partner really exist?! Well, in our dreams yes but in reality, NO! If you're familiar with Manga [Japanese comics] Absolute Boyfriend, I'm surely you will love it. Since its free to dream and to think of what we want to think of, how would you describe a perfect girlfriend or boyfriend? A Perfect Partners Should Be

♥ Caring. That will be there beside you taking care of you when you are sick.

♥ Thoughtful. At least send you a message twice a day to say "Hi" and "How are you" before the day ends.

♥ Sensitive. Cares abo
ut your feelings about something or everything your partner will do.

♥ Supportive. Giving moral supports in everything your partner do or what career she or he has.

♥ Sweet. Being sweet to the point that your heart will melts.

♥ Proud of You. When he or she is looking from a far with his/her friends your partner will tell his/her friends that "she's/he's the one I love..." so cheesy...

♥ Holding Hands While Walking. It's either the boy or girl will first hold the hand of their partner. It's sweet that you will walk around in Malls holding hands.

♥ Will ask you what do you want to eat.

♥ Say I love you, if your partner will say I hate you.

♥ Kiss your partner good night.♥♥

♥ Makes you smile when you're sad.

♥ Comforts and hug your when you are down.

And there are many characteristics and personality that we describe a Perfect partner. Post yours. ☺

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