Thursday, June 3, 2010

To Master It

Some of my friends told me that I'm “strong” because I'm numb to any pain. Actually, it's my special technique, what they don't know that I had to break my heart a million times just to master it.
In a class of NCM, the professor asked
“what is pain?” One of the student's answered “first love”. There are different types of pain that a person's feel. It could be a back ache, headache, toothache or etc. but all those pains can be treating by a doctor or dentist or even a mefenamic acid or paracetamol. How about the heartache? I mean, pain that’s aching inside because we are broken hearted.

What triggers the pain
? -Memories

We do sometimes remem
ber the things that the person did to us. It could be in good or it could be in bad. Like you remember the way he or she cheers you up or the last time that you saw her or him with someone else. Ouch! That hurts! However whatever it is... we still have to live in our lives. They are part of our life and thanks to them that you made yourself stronger.

What can heal pain? -Time

It may take several months or half of the year or a year to heal our heart from being broken and bring it back into a whole. You have t
o be focus on what's coming ahead or in the future if you will not move on then what will happen to you? Or you'll move on with your life, there will be a great and excitement in each day you wake up. Thought's like what will happen today?

What lengthens pain? - Martyrdom

Let's all admit that we are martyrs or we were once. It is because we really in love with that person and we can't leave them even though that we're fully loaded in pain. Sigh! I guess that was really loved, it makes you blind.

What is the initi
al sign of pain? -Tears

There is nothing wrong about crying, instead it is good to let go the pain that what you feel inside. However you know what, sometimes we are crying because of self-pity not because we're crying for her or him.

What is the defense mechanism of pain? -Denial

Oopss... Don't deny it that you've been hurt when she or he was broke up with you.

What is the primary stressor of pain? Theme Song

I have this friend; we were having our gimmick when the song that reminds of her ex boyfriend played. She can't help crying because she told us that song is what her ex used to sing for her. Obviously that she haven't move on.

How can you remove pain? Let go

Here we go again; this is just the only way to not feel the pain. If you're thinking that you can't live a day without him, well, you should change your point of view. Don't let your life ruin by just one person, think of a sweet revenge. Prove that you are worth keeping so that she or he will regret.

How can you forget the pain? Move on

After you've let go, this is the time to move on with your life. At first, you don't want to see the face of that person again but as time goes by, your path cross unexpectedly, you can face him with a happy face and a smile. I’m sure he’ll/she’ll be happy.

What is the history of the pain? Break up

This means that you're not for each other. Even though that you really in love with each other but mostly you're having a misunderstanding. It's really hurt that you have to let going of that person. If ever you have a friend that's just broke up with a partner, don't tell him or her that “I know what you feel” coz the truth is that we really don’t know.

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