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Live-In Relationship Vs Marriage Relationship

A very challenging topic and sensitive issue to write about. Oohhh gawd, please don’t hate me if you don’t like my (or our) point of views. To help me with this, I asked my two friends: one is in a live-in relationship and the other one who is married.

I asked what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two.

First off.

Live-In Relationship:

Many young couple are now in live-in relationship than married. Although marriage advocates have long frowned on the concept of living in relationships, these relationships are quickly becoming a reality in the society we live today.

Advantages of Live-In Relationship:

• You can be with each other everyday.

• You can get support especially when you are miles away from your family.

• You will not feel alone because she/he always with you.

• You have someone who cares, and vice versa.

• You have a reason to cook food.

• You have someone to share your sadness and happiness.

• Love is a great feeling and you have someone with whom, you can share.

Live in relationships or living arrangements is seen as the easiest route to take. Most people want to avoid a lifetime commitment to one person, and to accept the fact that person and their needs change over time. In addition, living in relationships do not require that a person is obliged to another person and is free to live their lives without feeling any sense of responsibility. This arrangement seems very attractive for people who are either afraid to marry or who do not believe in the concept of marriage.

Disadvantages of Live-In Relationship:

• You have to compromise on everything you do.

• You will have a lot of homework to do, but ends doing none of that.

• Your partner knows you have a class or work, but somehow the phone rings during class or work or worst, if you have meetings.

• When you call back after the class and heard a response from the oil, "Why not pick up the phone" I have been calling thousands of times! " which is definitely sick.

• You may not have time for yourself, the effect of this point: “that you are never alone” - now think how good he is wherever he or she will be with you.

• You will get yelled every time you do something that the other does not like.

•  You do not have privacy, or should I say have a shared life.

• You should do a lot of promise, so many that it would eventually even be able to maintain it.

• There will always a dissatisfaction in everything you do.

• You cannot eat much because he / she thinks are becoming fat and cannot eat less because he / she thinks your being too conscious of their weight (Yes, of course, particularly true for girls.)

• Sacrificing your dreams. You will get bothered by him or her even if you choose not to pursue what you like.

• You will be treated as private property (not always, but what I've seen so far was all the same.)

• Before you will make a decision, you have to consult him or her because, if not, there will be a big argue between the two of you and that’s not a surprised.

Marriage Relationship

Many people believe that marriage is a union ordained by God and it is also a wonderful union of two people in love. However like every great thing in life, marriage has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Marriage:

• Your relationship has a blessed from God for he established marriage and increase spiritual strength.

• The best place, health wise, to have wonderful free and guiltless sex.

• You have security in terms of raising children. (Food, Education, Responsibility and Rights)

• Always having that person beside you all the time.

• You get unconditional love.

• Stable companionship which leads to better physical and emotional.

Disadvantages of Marriage:

• Usually spouses tend to change after getting married.

• Everything you own such as property and money is her or his own now.

• Not a good relationship with the in-laws.

• If both busy with work, there will be not enough communication to solve any marriage issues.

• If you can’t give what your spouse wants, cheating and lying can be done.

• You have to give up so much of your freedom to stay married.

Love is a beautiful thing though there are many restrictions. There are maybe advantages and disadvantages when it comes to a relationship but still we can’t escape to love someone and to be loved by someone.

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