Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I'm really into this song as of the moment. I like the lyrics and it runs into my head just like what we always says: "Last song syndrome". When We Say by A.J. Rafael. Ooooh! I love his musics. Makes me fall in love he is a male version of Taylor Swift. (=

Want to share this video: [Hope you'll like it! and bet you will]

Love and relationships are never like the movies no matter how much we want them to be. But when something beautiful ends, for whatever reason, it's most important not to be disappointed that it's over, but glad that it happened at all.

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Kim Know's said...

super love the song, lyrics and the video! :) ♥♥ cute A.J. Rafael!

ellenreviews said...

yeah! I agree with you kim. he is very talented and i love his musics and very smiley face. :) except from having pimples. :) but he's still cute. haha!!

Happy Beans ♥ said...

wooow! AJ!! hahaha! so cute... and i have to agree with him that not all relationships and love can be like in movies. hahaha!!! :D ouch!

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