Friday, July 15, 2011

Say Yes More Often

I remember the movie Yes Man by Jim Carrey, saying "yes" may open an opportunity and changes to your life. That was a very good movie. :) Alright, enough so here's my post today for you people. ♥


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.
Complacency is detrimental to life and marriage, but with each passing year comes an ever - increasing opportunity to climb into a rut. We nestle ourselves into a comfortable routine and refuse to budge without putting up a fight. 

Refuse to trudge methodically through another day with nothing of note to mark the passing of time. Set those fuddy duddy ways aside and throw caution to the wind. Choose something daring for the two of you. Then talk it up to your spouse until they catch the vision. Behave unpredictably. Above all else, resist the temptation to conform to the mundane. Love one another :)  

Say yes to life and a more exciting marriage.

Seize the Day!
Just say YES!

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COF said...

Say yes more often, i like it.

Tim said...


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