Monday, January 24, 2011

Cherish the Everyday Moments

"Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age."

We bide out time between vacations and holidays, eager for the next special event on the calendar to roll around, when we should savor each moment of your time on Earth. the lion's share of life isn't composed of holidays and special occasions. We do most of our living in the ordinary, everyday here and now. 

In the course of a long-term marriage, there are many special events. But more than anything else, there are the ordinary days that make up your life with your else, there are the ordinary days that make up your life with your spouse. Don't wait for a special occasion to notice your spouse's smile or thank God for bringing you together.  
Enjoy each moment. ♥

"Enjoy each moment with your mate. It is God's gift to you."

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Ellen ♥ said...

Sweet post Kim! :) I agree that we have to cherish every moment with our love ones. :)

Mario said...

Great post Kim. I also believe in the importance of valuing the moments we share with each other. I write a blog on Food and love. The Food part is a vehicle to communicate the importance of love and relationships.Please consider becoming a follower at my site. It would be great to have you. We share a similar interest in love and relationships. Though your blog presents the more beautiful and poetic side of it. Thanks, Mario

gingerSnap said...

What a sweet post Kim! I cherish every single happy moment with my loved ones:)

Ribka said...

ahhh it's really sweet ^-^
I was smiling when I read this post :)

CCH said...

your blog is adorable, i love the pictures!

Nortehanon said...

Oh, you're blog is oozing with loooove :)

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