Thursday, January 13, 2011

Compliment Your Spouse Often

"To say a compliment well is a high art, and a few possess it."

 Don't hold back. Let your mate hear complimentary words from your lips every day. Rather than criticism, use your words to praise and build confidence. Point out the physical attributes you find attractive. In addition, continually remind your spouse of the many reasons you are sure you married the right person. 

Toss aside any misgivings you might have about building up your spouse too much. The world outside your door can be a belittling and demoralizing place. Make your home a refuge from society's steady rips. Let your spouse know that your eyes see the wonderful things that the world may never notice. 


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Ellen said...

Nice post Kim :) have a nice day!

zeb said...

Nice post! Keep it up!

Jool said...

Beautiful post :) thanks for sharing. :)

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