Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Choose Your Spouse as your Best Friend

They said "love starts from a beautiful friendship" or "friends can be more than friends!" (this is only applicable for opposite sex best friends.)

An advice column in a popular women's magazine recently published a general inquiry.  A bride to ask her best friend, a man to be her "maid" of honor at her wedding. I wanted to know the proper term for a man serving in this capacity. 
A better question for this woman could have been, what hope is my marriage to survive if the man I marry is not my best friend?

Your marriage should encapsulate the ultimate of every earthly relationship. Your partner should be your best friend, his most trusted confidant, the first and last in their turn to when you need comfort, advice and love.    
Is your spouse your best friend? If not, start working on that today.
Friendship is the foundation of every good marriage.

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Fivyolen Qiu said...

Thanks so much for your comments!

I love yours too,


ABIGAIL NY said...

Every relationship should involve friendship, 'cause that way you know each other and understand each other as opposed to being like total strangers in a relationship. I always start being friends before every relationship!!

Anonymous said...

Agree! Your other half should be your best friend as well as your lover. I heart this post!

Ribka said...

great post :)
"Friendship is the foundation of every good marriage." I agree! ^-^

zeb said...

kung sabagay may point ka dito! :D

daraziivana said...

nice post dear !
visit my blog <3

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