Monday, December 6, 2010

Plan A Romantic Getaway

A woman gave her husband a note that would read as he left the office one day.  He is going to open the glove compartment of your car and read the instructions: "Take your office parking lot and go three miles south, turn left Go 4.3 miles Turn right ......" and so on.

Her husband was overjoyed when he reached his destination mystery. The directions led him to an hotel where his wife had planned a romantic getaway.

If you wait for a convenient time to break away with your partner, that time may never come. Why not arranged your schedule to include a mini-outing this month?

"You will never find time for anything, If you want time, you must make it."

 Romance is the flame that keeps marriage exciting. :)

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Ellen ♥ said...

Aawww... sweet :)

zeb said...

sweet naman :D

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